a new floral company
founded in 2019
by its creator,
Virginie Largillière,
florist graduated
from London.

It is in Geneva that Myrtle composes
its most beautiful creations.

Perfection of gesture,
spectacular color palette,
the artistic bias
has become the signature

Let yourself be transported into a world of beauty,
exquisite flowers and opulence.

In addition
to her expertise, strives
for excellence in
its products and in
its raw material,
the cut flower.

O’Hara fragrant garden roses,
“Prince Gardener” roses, tasty lilacs,
eye-catching peonies, fascinating clematis,
myrtle, eucalyptus camellia, blackberries… is a celebration of floral art, style,
architecture and design.

A tribute to the wonders of nature
offering a high level of service
of unmatched quality, synonymous with

For as long i can remember,
i have always loved flowers,
but they came my reason to
live by accident in 2015.

Needing a strong professional fresh air from my medical carrer, i never would i have guessed at that time that a beautiful floral journey was just about to start.

I have pursued my passion across Europe, studying it at the highest level. First, i trained myself at a famous florist on Channels Island, then to Paris.

I took advanced courses and obtained my master degree at the famous McQueen’s flower school in London.

To have access to these extraordinary flowers, knowing the passion with which they are created is inspirational, to style them into fabulous designs, and that they majestically enhance the elegance of my clients’home is hugely gratifiying for me and the growers.

To create living art and evoke emotions in people’s live is an extraordinary way to make a living.

I wouldn’t change it what i do for anything else.

Floral school McQueen London

« It is such a privilege
to work in a world
of passion and beauty! »

Illustration :  Aurelie Mellioret, Lausanne Switzerland